Team Energy is proud to be a partner and retailer for the Ventum Tri and NS1 Road Bike. Energy athletes and squad members will be eligible for exclusive promotions.


ventum 1 & Ventum Z

Faster finishes on Ironman courses, no downtube or seatstays, integrated hydration, and unlimited options to choose from. Get ready to ride fast, look fast, and feel fast on this sleek tri bike.

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ventum ns1

Lightweight, aero, and UCI legal, the NS1 comes ready to race or ride right out of the box. Designed with advanced technology and the best parts along with hidden cables making for a sleek design.



Official sweat testing partner of Energy Endurance. Sweat testing is critical for minimizing electrolyte depletion during training leading to increased endurance and power and eliminating cramping.

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Bare republic

Exclusive discount for coached athletes and Squad members. Bare republic is most importantly reef safe and environmentally friendly as well as cruelty free. Thanks for keeping our skin safe and oceans clean!


vice city bean

Located just next door to Energy Endurance Lab, Vice coffee is crucial to sustaining Team Energy’s continued workout needs. They are our essential coffee provider for all Energy meetings and events.

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velofix south florida

Exclusive perks from Velofix as our official bike service provider for Energy athletes and squad members. Velofix will periodically come to the Lab during scheduled times to make sure Team Energy bikes are running perfectly!